Stuffed Animals

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Buddy The Puppy

Soft and cuddly, Buddy is made out of wavy textured fabric. He could be your huggable best friend and will comfort you when needed.

Bull Texas Longhorn Bixbie

Bixbie 10” is the cuddliest Longhorn in the entire Wild West. Featuring a brown spotted coat and widespread horns.

Cat Beckie Black & White

Beckie 10” is a perfect fit for feline lovers. The black and white fur is so eye catching.

Cat Soft Winnie

Winnie 10” Soft Cat loves to look at you with her pretty blue eyes while she snuggles. She is the queen of coziness.

Chicken Pepper the Black Hen

Pepper 10” is realistically designed with salt and pepper gray plumage. Laying eggs and raising chicks are things that she takes very seriously.

Chicken Salty the White Hen

Salty 10” has joined the flock. She is sure to please any chicken enthusiast.